Digital security in Afghanistan and beyond

This web page offers digital security resources to human rights defenders and other individuals involved in civil society networks in Afghanistan and Central Asia, especially. This content prepared in multiple languages used in the region (English, Dari, Pashto, and Farsi).

  • Steps to Protect Your Online Identity: Digital History and Evading Biometrics Abuses: This guide includes a series of related factsheets alongside the two Afghanistan-specific factsheets listed below. (English)
  • Evading the Misuse of Biometric Data: Overall, it is very difficult to avoid recognition based on biometric data, but the following fact sheet outlines some things you can do, and some you shouldn’t. (Darī دری) (Pashto پښتو)
  • How to Delete Your Digital History: This short guide helps human rights activists erase their digital footprints. When covering digital tracks and erasing your digital profile remember there are various ways the authorities can try to attack you. (Darī دری)
  • The Umbrella App (iOS & Android) provides self-guided lessons and checklists for simple, practical steps an individual can take to stay secure when they work, travel, and communicate. Umbrella covers both physical and digital security. The guidance is tailored for NGO’s, journalists, and activists. So, it will not all be relevant. But, its self-guided nature allows for the user to focus on the guidance they feel they need. Available via iOS, Android, Amazon, and F-Droid. Relevant languages available: (Farsi فارسی )
  • Do-It-Yourself Online Safety was written with women dealing with domestic abuse or stalking in mind. But its principles and guidance can be used to make key small changes to better secure ones online presence (online accounts, social media profiles) from being used against them. This is not the most in-depth guidance. But, it is an easy-to-follow guide with good first steps. (Farsi فارسی ) (Pashto پښتو)
  • The Defenders Protocol is a high-level level set of principals for a person to use when trying to take care of their physical safety, digital security, and well-being and resilience. It’s a useful tool for individuals who are under stress and are want a resource to help them think through some key aspects of their security to work through. (Farsi فارسی ) (Pashto پښتو)
  • Online safety resources for Afghanistan’s human rights defenders: A short, English-only, resource list which includes links to the official documentation for how to delete specific content, or entire accounts, on many major social media services. (English)



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